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Leon Hazany and Associates continues to be at the top of the list for immigration law firms to rely on when a case requires expert knowledge in the practice of immigration law. When other immigration lawyers and some of the most widely respected criminal defense attorneys need advice on immigration or criminal cases involving complex immigration legal issues, they rely on the expert legal advice of our attorneys.

We believe that immigrants, their families, their businesses, and their employers have made the United States of America a better place for all Americans. We approach every one of our clients’ cases with this in mind. We know what matters to you and we are committed to seeing our clients succeed.

Cutting Edge
Our Firm continues to monitor, analyze and apply the latest developments and trends in the law to ensure that our clients receive the most zealous and the most advanced representation available.

We find solutions where other firms do not. We continue to successfully represent clients in the most challenging cases. Our Firm is committed to dedicating the time, research, and energy to each case in order to achieve the best results possible for our clients.

» Deportation & Removal Defense
» Release from Detention & Bond Hearings
» Criminal Issues
» Airport Stops
» BIA Appeals
» Circuit Court Appeals & Petitions For Review
» Lawsuits to End Long Delays & to Stop Unfair Decisions
» Lawsuits to Challenge Prolonged Detention
» Solutions to Complex Cases
» Asylum, Withholding, & Torture Convention (political, social, religious, sexual
   orientation, and other grounds)
» Waivers
» Cancellation of Removal
» Domestic Violence & Abused Spouses
» Child Abuse Victims
» Unaccompanied Minors
» Crime & Trafficking Victims
» United States Citizenship
» Green Cards (Permanent Resident Status)
» Work Permits (E.A.D.)
» Consular Cases
» Investor Visas
» Employment Visas
» Business Visas
» Students, Interns and Trainees
» Athletes, Entertainers & Artists
» Labor Certifications
» Religious Workers
» Cutting Edge/New Laws

» Motions to Vacate Convictions
» Expungments
» Sentence Reductions
» Writs and Petitions to Correct Factual and Legal Errors

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